Real-time collaborative distraction-free writing within your application

Real-time collaboration

Edit the same document simultaneously with your colleagues and make your publishing workflow simpler and more efficient.

Ready for feedback

Add comments, discuss and receive feedback simultaneously. Need to comment on the image in the text? We got it covered as well!

Real time for real

Share your document with your colleagues and see how they select, edit and comment your content in real time.

Save the effort

The built-in autosave feature and offline mode ensure that the latest version of your document is always available.

Full ownership

Your software communicates with our cloud services only for the purpose of real-time collaboration and image handling.

Ideal environment for writing

Letters offers clean, distraction-free user interface allowing you to stay focused on your ideas and not on the complexity of the tools you use.

Focus on writing

With essential formatting features always at hand, you can focus on the best way to get your message across.


Format your paragraph quickly using keyboard symbols you already know, Markdown style.

A picture’s worth

Enhance your content with images. Use captions and predefined image styles so that visuals work perfectly with the text.

Drag and drop image support

Easily add images which are responsive, optimized, automatically rescaled and delivered through a blazing-fast CDN.

Effortless integration

We provide you with the frontend and backend solutions ready for integration with any CMS and other software applications.

Letters is available on a 30-days free trial!

Now you can download, integrate Letters within your application and the best part is, it’s commitment-free!

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